Cast Your Vote for the 2015 Cammies

The Cammie Awards honor exceptional art during Contemporary Art Month. The Cammies are determined by popular vote. Cast your vote by submitting the form below. The deadline is midnight on Wednesday, March 25. Artists and curators working in all mediums are qualified. The only requirement is that they present an artwork, exhibition, or performance during Contemporary Art Month, prior to the Award Ceremony on March 27th, and be listed on the 2015 CAM calendar. You may only vote once. If you have an account on this website, you may edit your votes anytime before the deadline.

a popular vote for the most exceptional artwork

to the most successful collaboration between artists who haven't worked together before

for turning something that isn't art into art

for making art happen where it usually doesn't

for presenting artwork that most successfully involves its audience

for presenting artwork that best challenges our notions of space and/or time

for an artist or artists who are pushing their own boundaries, creating new work in a medium or format for which they are not known

If you are an artist showing in CAM this year, your name should be on this page.